Offering a Signing Bonus as Incentive

If you are looking for a job, wouldn't it be great is there was a igning bonus ... just like pro sports?  The decision to offer a bonus is the decision of the company seeking employees, but it is an option that employers use to attract good workers.  

A signing bonus is literally extra money to encourage a worker to bring their experience and best work to the comapny.  In addition, the signing bonus really helps with the job transition.  Companies offers a signing bonus early in the pay cycle once the worker properly shows up for work for at least a week.  

Job transition isn't easy, and we are in a difficult economic cycle.  In fact, having a good, paying job may be much more important over the next year.  Even if there is a demand for employees today, the job market will shrink in rough economic times.  So, the best time to find a job is when they are plentiful.

If you are looking for a good job, be proactive and positive.  Employers to do not want warm bodies that cannot show up each day for work on time.  Every employer is looking for someone that has a good attitude and a good work ethic.  After all, wouldn't you if you were the employer?

Secondly, it helps to know that many companies promote from within.  That means that a good worker has a lot of upward mobility by demonstrating that they are a quality worker who is willing to learn and fill in the gaps.